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I am dying over how pretty this chica is! Just BWAAAA!


Today’s academy outfit. So much rain..!

What I like about this outfit:

  • Long skirt: I really love long skirts, especially for Canadian winters (which I am deep in right now).
  • Cute scarf: A cat scarf! Isn’t that just to DIE for!


ootd today!

my professor said im a skeleton ballerina!

What I like about this:

  • How it is both adorable and comfortable: In my town you can only be one or the other so I love seeing an outfit that has both visual interest and comfort.


Really need to recolor my hair. Hey, it’s finally Friday!!! :) My cousin and aunt will be in town today from Colorado since we’re celebrating my Gram’s 80th birthday on Sunday, so this should be a really fun weekend! Family portrait (of 22) planned for Sunday as well, we’ll see how that goes (I haven’t even figured out what to wear).


Velvet tank dress - thrifted, can’t remember the brand but it’s HUGE on me even though it’s my size

Cardigan - thrifted, brand is Torrid

Leggings - Walmart

Boots - thrifted, Mudd

Halloween socks (not pictured bu they’re black ankle socks that say “BOO” in orange on the sides of the feet) - Dollar Tree

Tombstone bobby pin - DIY

Necklace - thrifted

Eyeshadow - Rimmel Night Jewel

Lips - CoverGirl Lipslicks in Hipster

What I like about this outfit:

  • Everything: The kitschy accessories, the overall simplicity, this outfit is actually really similar to something you would see me wear on a regular basis.

Usually I think that I am too large to wear leggings but as of late I have really stopped caring and besides these are so cute!

#sourpuss #leggings


1st time in a week I’ve put some #effort into getting #dressed-stupid night shifts leaving me feeling like shit💀 (at The Black Lagoon)

What I like about this outfit:

  • The kitschy pattern: I have a serious love affair with kitschy Halloween costumes so this is the awesomeness for me!


Just my new pink bodyline dress!  I’m in love of course.

What I like about this outfit

  • Everything: The pink and black, the cardigan, the pins, this outfit is just full of adorableness.


Headbow by Infanta

Cardigan local

Cutsew by DreamV

Loire skirt by Angelic Pretty

Shoes and purse local

What I like about this outfit:

  • The combination of Cardigan and lolita skirt: A simple yet effective way to combine lolita into your daily wardrobe.


Very gothic outfit for work today. Also, three outfit posts in one week? What?!

What I like about this outfit:

  • The overall elegance: Basically I am saying everything about this outfit but I figured the best way to describe it would be by describing the beauty of the look.



What I like about this outfit:

  • The Victorian elegance: The frilliness of the outfit combined with the print of the skirt and accessories are just lovely.